Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quick Reminder...

Hope everyone is having a safe, fun holiday weekend!

When you're having tooooo much fun, anything can be forgotten. Just wanted to quick remind everyone to be safe in the sun!! Protect yourself from the UV rays.... don't forget to apply sunscreen, I usually prefer an SPF of 30+ and make sure I don't forget my face. Other helpful items: hats, sunglasses, and shirt! If you jump into the water, even if it's waterproof sunscreen, I'd just reapply the sunscreen... Okie dokie.. Have a great rest of the weekend and see you Tuesday =)


Carla said...

We did use the sunscreen. Missed a few spots. We all have a touch of sunburn. Time for the aloe.

Lily said...

I love this photo!
I can't wait to go swimming and sunbathing!

Jean said...

Lily, this summer was not like the last. Last summer, I only recall once wearing jeans when I was not working. That's kind of sad.