Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Just Chill.

With summer here. . . wait, it doesn't even have to be summer. If it's not us, it's me. . . always running around, having something to do or somewhere to go. . . I guess it's just like Daddy. Up at the crack of dawn and already dressed and on about business.

Another night to chillax. No big plans, but to do nothing. . . No driving in rush hour to get to our destination. No worries about getting home to get a good four hours of sleep for the next work day. Just a night to kick my feet up, have a drink and read on the deck and adore this heart shaped home we created. I often take this peaceful setting for granted. I need to do more of these, staying home and just chill.

It reminds me. . . Does anyone know where I can purchase inexpensive patio furniture? I really want a lounge chair where I can lay and perhaps fall asleep on. We currently use the patio furniture the previous owners left us and the picnic table B put together. Or my favorite, just on a blanket on the deck ;)

Gerbera Daisy, it looks so cute growing!!

I rather take a book than a nook <3

I couldn't sleep, so I made B pasta salad for his lunch tomorrow. My own recipe :p

On another note, I have to get my sleep pattern back on track. No half hour power nap after work... that results in me having four hours of sleep at night. *sigh* But it probably won't even help if I napped or not. Oh no.


Dirt On The Rocks said...

Your pictures look so serene. I wish my life was a bit laid back like that. I feel like the moment I get off work I'm still working. I wish I had a patio to lounge around in!

Jean said...

Yeah... Even though I don't have kid(s)... I still work when I'm done w/ work... Laundry & household chores are never ending... and I don't know why, I am always out & about... That needs to change! I just need to stay home more. Next step is save, save, save for a lake house/cabin :) :) :)