Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finally, Fresh Air!

Not the weather that suffocates me. It's jean-approved. And yeah, I do complain about the weather because it effects my health. . . I've passed out before from weather in my times, hot-humid days to frost-biting cold days. . . Not fun!

Anyway,,, Finished some household chores before we played in the sun :) We were able to breathe outside again. . . =) I was all smiles!! =) =)

Ready for some photos? Ready, Lisa? This is just for you <3 <3

Guess where we went? Guess!

Jean Yang (Jeanyous)

I wouldn't mind pave stones like this in my yard! I <3 natural pave stones!!

. . .and later we saw a black cat wandering around here. . . YEEEEE!!

Good way to see what I want in my garden next year! I WANT THIS!!

All that pretty in one?! WOW!

Pretty vines that have beans ;D

We'd like this, too!

Although the fun didn't end here. . . We went home and walked along another new little neighborhood park; which I'll post those photos tomorrow or as soon as I can ;)

Alright... Time for our almost usual nightly routine. . . NETFLIX! Good night family & friends!


Carla said...

Love the pics!

Pang said...

what a nice park!

Jean said...

pang, the park IS nice. i'll msg u on facebook!