Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wrap It Up!

When Babe works, he works and he is very focused and doesn't let anything distract him, not even me, and most importantly (in my opinion) FOOD! When I am hungry, I am hungry which means, crabby! I need to be well fed to work efficiently, in most cases.

I have had this happen many times, I forget to eat all day for whatever reason or if I am too busy and I am not able to eat... I get sick to the point where I cannot eat and if I do eat... (please stop reading NOW if you are easily disgusted, Skip to next paragraph)........ I might just vomit! I get these weird happenings from my dad. My blood sugar gets low and I have to eat... Do you get like that?

Anyway, with that being said, I made cold turkey ham wraps for B because I don't know how he can go on a day without eating until four in the afternoon. I mean, yogurt and a cupcake doesn't count as a meal. At least, not for me! I mean, I guess because his appetite is rather less than mine. But when he wants, he can EAT. I mean, EAT!

It's simple and he doesn't have to heat it up.

Turkey-Ham wrap includes: turkey & ham (of course), tomato slices, lettuce, shredded cheese (since I forgot to buy cheese slices), cilantro, green onions, Sriracha hot sauce, chipolte mayo, yellow mustard, & plenty of Jeanyous Love ;)


Dirt On The Rocks said...

this looks so delicious. i've yet to try anything like this i should attempt to make some this weekend!

Jean said...

It is good. I like tortilla wrap better than bread. Bread can get soggy at times. It's simple to make too. I made four that night, though I only ate half of one. :D