Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I wore. . .


I should have worn for today.

What I wore TODAY:

I should have worn yesterday.

Why? Because of the weather and the activities I did. Gosh, this weather makes me crazy, but when it's nice and sunny out, I will take advantage of it. When it rains, I'll be happy for the lawn and flowers. Win-Win, I guess.

And did you notice the dress I wore today was sewn by me?
I told a fib about this dress to my sisters to see their reaction. I told 'em I bought it at Urban Outfitters for $80. They thought I was crazy. Then I said JUST KIDDING. I not that crazy to spend that much on a tiny summer dress. I sew it, SEE and showed them my two second hemming. Haha. The dress was sewn last year that I never wore. I need to sew more!!


Carla said...

And I was just thinking that the dress was so cute. Good job! I love the belt too. I really love the red fence behind you in the first one. Can't resist a pop of color in a photo.
This weather makes me crazy too. :)

Pang said...

cute. glad to see you're still sewing!

Jean said...

Pang, I wish I could sew more. I guess for that, I would need to stay home first :/