Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two Birds in a Tree

It all started like this. . .

Lisa's in-laws owned a coffee shop in the neighborhood and told me to check it out. Eventually, my BFF and I would check it out. . . We ordered and he rings us up. He squints at the computer screen and I asked him if he needed glasses. Funny, the next day we go again and he wears glasses. From there on, this coffee shop would be where my BFF and I study and get coffee and the journey of Brady and Jean begins. . . As the months go by, , , my in-law told me he was leaving for college and me, I was shy (sometimes, still am)... I wrote him a card and in that card, gave him my phone number. The funny thing was, I think I was nervous and wrote the wrong area code. He called me and he took me to dinner and the rest is history. . .

i love you, b!

the card. and see the area code i wrote "766" instead of "763?" funny! the wrapper for the chopstick i tried to eat with that night. i don't care to use chopsticks, but they are neat.

some reasons why i love him :)

  • He still opens the car door for me (even when it's parked in the garage and God is our only witness).

  • The warm kisses before heading out to work those early mornings and taking five minutes to say Bye.

  • He lets me use his gift cards given to him from Christmas.

  • He insures my car is running smoothly and works on it if need be.

  • He teaches me to be a better cook (as we enjoy cooking together: first time making lasagna, first time making juicy lucy burger, and crepes for breakfast are just a few to name).

    ** Those are only a few of the many, many, many reasons why I love this amazing man.

    I love you, babe. That I do. I always have.
    Your little Jeanyous :)

  • through it all, we fight it together. no one relationship is perfect, but this is my perfect.

  • What is your story between you and your special one?
    I would love to hear/read.

    Carla said...

    Awwwww. . . . so sweet. You two are adorable! Love the story.

    Emkae said...

    awe, old memories are the reasons to why you've gone this far. :)

    Jean said...

    thanks guys :)