Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our kitchen walls. . .

are pretty bare and I am a poor interior designer; however, with the help of family and friends getting their own homes lately... I have been motivated and inspired (and of course from reading other blogs). I know, I know, we've been in this house for what,,, some two years and I am now just decorating.

All I know is, I want our kitchen theme to be based on Coffee-latte-tea (because we love coffee and that's how we met, from coffee). One step at a time. . .

Anyway, awhile ago, I told Brady's mom I wanted to decorate our kitchen with coffee stuff and here is what I got from her... This super cute tray!! I wanted to hang up some cups and have been debating for awhile where and what to hang it from... So, here is what we did with it. Brady was so kind and put it all together for me --he put copper wire to hang it. And I found some steel hooks and spray painted it black. I am sure you can find black hooks anywhere, but I was eager to do this project.

I am not done with decorating the wall. I have a few coffee photos I want to frame up and surround the tray. --Just wanted to share what I got so far, can you see I'm excited. It's going to look super cute! More photos to come when I finish! :)

The next room I want to work on is our bedroom or living room (undecided of the two). It's a bit of a challenge if you've seen our living room, it's rectangular. And our bedroom is cottage/cabin-like.

Stay tuned.


Emkae said...

ohh my goodness. i love the idea, esp because it has a meaning behind it. its like waking up to love all over again. :)

Jean said...

waking up to my love next to me and our coffee maker ready to brew. omg, i sound so sappy i make myself vomit! lol!

thanks mk :)