Friday, April 22, 2011

just the two of us

chilling, doing nothing, cuddling while watching the news, eating breakfast, and drinking our coffee.

This morning, I wanted to try something different... After making a cup of dark roast for B, I grounded up some espresso beans and made a cup of that... then added the things I normally WOULDN'T: sugar, milk, and whipped cream! I got into this a lot because his mom always makes me these pretty cups of coffee fu-fu drinks. So pretty! But the dark roast always has my tongue ;P

Alright, we're going to get ready for the day and run along... Though, with my short legs.. I skip behind him ;)

I love these cups I got for two bucks at the grocery store. We love BIRDS! As sometimes I call him Birdie; which I got my from nieces & nephew when they couldn't pronounce, Brady. And my youngest sis would say if I'm staying at my nest... XOXO

And of course, Happy Earth Day. Happy Good Friday. and Happy Friday. and Happy Day!!!

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