Friday, February 4, 2011


I have been so unorganized lately and it is driving me nuts! I totally rushed today with the class Valentine's gift for their parents and come to find out... I have a whole five days still to work with them on it. Whew! Not to mention, one kid has been absent all week! I almost had a heartbreak because I didn't even get my games & activities organized for our little Valentine's party. Sometimes, I just don't like being so OCD. I forget how it feels to be relaxed and careless, but maybe not the careless part... *Sigh* I have most of my day planned for my class, but have no idea what I am going to do for and with B. O_o Wow!

Last Valentine, he totally surprised me! LIKE TOTALLY GOOD! I can't believe both my bosses were even in on it. They were good! Sneaky! I still can't believe him, he knows how much I don't like being center of attention --imagine how I'd be on my Wedding Day... HAHAHA!!! One year, my family & him threw me a little suprise birthday and I got mad! I know, call me strange. I tell him not to send me flowers... but instead he does this... I was at work SWEEPING THE FLOOR after my class had finished their snack and my boss comes in, following her -- four men in SHARP SUITS... My first reaction, I thought I was in trouble and going to jail!! Funny, I obey the law though! HAHAHA! And then they started to sing for me... and I TOTALLY CRIED!!! And B just continues to amaze me!! It's crazy because the past few blogs have been about him (:

Here's a lil' photo collage I made with the photos my boss captured (THANK YOU CK). :D :D


I got home and called my mom & told her what B did, she didn't quite understand because of cultural differences and whatnot... I told her, it's just like how she likes when Daddy gives her flowers & jewelry, but me.. I don't do jewelry.

OH YEAH! So LADIES AND GENTLEMEN... if you don't have any idea what to do for your sweetheart, get him/her a Singing Valentine!! She/He will love it as did I!!!! So worth it! And most of the rated best romantic restaurants have been BOOKED for that day! Hurry!! Don't procrastinate like me. -__-

Well, I have a week to get stuff together... but really, can I just sleep all day and not worry about a thing since February really is kicking my butt. HA! I can't even imagine how it would be if I had children of my own - which that would be another topic for another day!

P.S. I have been on a role this week w/ blogging. Go me!
AND my pageviews for today is at its highest! Cool?!
Happy Friday, everyone!!

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