Thursday, January 20, 2011

So frigid cold!

I've never seen a full episode of Sponge Bob
Today was one of the student's birthday and his mom brought in cupcakes to share with us. This photo reminds me, I miss baking even though I do not eat the finish product... Well, I lied... I might have like, one bite... other than that, I don't have a sweet tooth. I am bitter and sour. :p I cannot bake because our oven currently is acting up... no rush to fix it. Until then, all the food I cook comes from the microwave... HAHAH! NOT! Gross! Yeah, I love decorating the topping, too! So cute!! ( sigh )


This week, my skin is totally peeling.. This cold air is so bad for my skin ): I have been applying moisturizer every morning, but THAT doesn't even help ): I so sad... I can't wait 'till we get back into the double digits.. :/ I love winter... but my skin does not. I'm glad I haven't been getting those bloody nose... the dry cough has gone... *Ugh* I don't even know which one I would want... Goodness. Annoying allergies!

i love caydi

And so I leave you with this cute photo I took a few years back at a family picnic one summer.... Caydi just makes me smile... Like I mentioned previously, she is SUPER shy! In this photo, our dearest aunt had passed away and she always came to our family gatherings and little family picnics... there was this little butterfly that kept hanging out with us and we believe it was our Aunt picnicing with the family... And Caydi was even scared of this beautiful creature. As much as I love our winter, I can't wait for warmer weather.

Good night!

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