Saturday, January 22, 2011

Staying in and staying warm.

It was so, so cold yesterday! My car struggled a tad bit to start in the morning before heading to work. I had it running for a good fifteen-twenty minutes and it was still cold! Oh my goodness! But it worked and I am very thankful for a fine mechanic, he is so awesome ;D

I made coffee when I got home from work and played around on Photoshop... And then I got sidetracked and this is what happened. . .

love coffee

love love coffee


. . . and of course, I enjoy a sip of New Castle, too!Photobucket

And then, I decided I wanted some Spring Rolls because I wished it was Spring at that moment...

Cilantro :D



And all the while of coffee, cooking, and dancing, , , I make time for silly photos.


A wonderful night for B and me. What man doesn't like coming home to beer and food on the table? ;D HAHAHA! After dinner, we watched Shutter Island. I fell asleep sometime in the middle... I've seen it before, but wanted B to watch it... And eventually,,, I made my way to the office and fell asleep and never woke up 'till this morning... HAHA. I've become such a party pooper! Boooo.

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