Friday, January 14, 2011


Last Christmas, Babe's brother got me Adobe Photoshop because they all know how much I like taking photos {Photography is my drug of choice}. Anyway, all this time, I really have not sat down to learn the software. I usually use it just to resize my photos. It is quite overwhelming for me and for awhile, I just loved how easy and straight to the point Picnik is. I don't know how I ever managed to Ace out of my photography class! I guess, sometimes, the simplicity of a photo is good enough. So, I learned how to do the "Areas of Colors in Black and White" thingy. I won't lie... I am not big on photoshop at all and I know that's big on the photography industry... but I am so old school. Blah! So, for all that don't know what I am talking about... And don't bite me, I still am learning, so give me a little credit!!

Photobucket Photobucket

before & after. You can't see, but I did leave my headband gold on the after photo ;)

As time allows, I will take more and more time to learn this amazing software!


Babe and I playing our favorite game of Scrabble. With this game, we were neck & neck most of the time... I got bored of losing and started to take random photos of him... Here is one :)

January has been pretty relaxing. The end of the year is always so chaotic with all the holidays and mad birthdays! I get to relax another two weeks then more Birthday madness in February! Eight in total between family and friends!! Wow-wee! I am going to start my shopping and gift-making with the quickness!! Toodles!

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